Boston, Massachusetts

There is no other place on Earth quite like Boston. What may be the biggest “little city” in the United States, Boston finds itself with abundant opportunity early in the 21st century. Innovative, independent, progressive and pragmatic, blazing forward while always remembering where we’ve been, Boston’s people are a great mix of the best and brightest of hard working locals, talent from around the country, and indeed the world

There’s a lot going on in our city and region. See below for links and information.

Millennium Tower

For many years, Boston's Downtown Crossing neighborhood was a vibrant shopping and entertainment mecca. Over the years, as the department stores in the area closed, the neighborhood fell into decline, culminating with the giant hole-in-the-ground left behind when the Filenes Building was demolished to make way for a new development that stalled out during the Great Recession.

Out of this crater, a new project is rising, and is turning the tide in the old Downtown Crossing neighborhood. The Millennium Tower is not the first, but certainly the most prominent, all-residential skyscraper tower under construction in Boston. Millennium Tower is anchoring a renaissance in the area, bringing hundreds of jobs to Downtown in construction alone, and will hopefully bring hundreds more as the neighborhood turns the page from a shopping to a residential area.

Visit Millennium Tower Boston to learn more about the project.