Bridging the gulf between ever changing technology, and the individuals and small businesses that need it, has allowed us to meet and help all kinds of people over the last decade. We've enjoyed every minute of it - learning our clients' businesses and needs, their impact on the community, and forming a long-lasting partnership. We're humbled that several of our clients have written back to us regarding their service, and we share some of our customer testimonials for you below.

Brian Doherty, General Agent - Secretary Treasurer, Metro Building Trades Council

The Metro Building Trades represents 35,000 working families here in the Boston region. There is a lot on the line and that's why we always turn to Pat Angland to keep us connected to the world, and on the cutting edge of all communication and IT solutions. Pat is the consummate professional who always puts in his best effort to help the team. He is a remarkable talent and a major part of how we stay in the forefront of worker protections, area standards, and community benefits here at the MetroBTC in the new millenium.

Joseph Lucia, Esq.

I can't say enough good things about your ability to come through in a pinch! When I had just moved into my new condo, you were available to help set up my home network; when I bought a new iPhone, you were available to help me configure it to proper settings and to show me how to use it efficiently; and when my Sonos wireless speaker system crashed unexpectedly right before my annual holiday event, you got it back up and running within minutes, having troubleshot a variety of issues and then diagnosing the root cause. You're nothing short of a technology genius - there's simply nothing you can't handle!

Mayellen Whitley, The Tax Doctor

I cannot thank you enough for your services. I cannot forget the 14th of April (as a tax professional) when my printer would not work and within hours you got me a loaner printer until we got a new one. Your help was unequaled when you converted my business computers to a network with my software company. You make it look so easy, you make my LIFE easier!

Stephen Flaherty, Executive Realty

I depend on my technology for my real estate business. I'm on the road meeting clients, assessing the market, and I need my technology to work for me. Both on the road, and in my office, Pat's services have been invaluable. He makes sure that my computers and internet are running at peak efficiency, and he's readily available when I have a crash or crisis.